Snow Angels!

My First Snow Angel

This is grandpa’s first snow angel which he made in Fremont Ohio during the month of January 2018!


Blue Skies Forever!

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

With Lake Erie as the backdrop Aubrie and Ariyanna sit smiling on the rocks!


Tree Climbing Pretty Girls!

Girls Among The Tree Branches 2016

My girls Aubrie and Ariyanna climb among the tree branches outside the home of Grandma Nunley while visiting in the summer of 2016!


Photo Bomb!

Nickolas Photo Bombs My Girls

My girls are preparing to pose for a beautiful picture when out of nowhere Nickolas streaks into the photo!


Three Generations!

Tori With Grandma Great Grandpa

Karlotta (Grandma) Karl (Great Grandpa) stand behind Tori the oldest granddaughter and great granddaughter…Karlotta is the oldest daughter of Opal and Karl!


Flagstaff Family!

Flagstaff Visit

From the left is Aunt Jhen holding Zach, Uncle Nate holding Xander (twin boys) and grandpa!


Sandusky River Girls!

Ariyanna Jourdyn Carol

Ariyanna, Jourdyn and Carolyn pose in front of the Sandusky River by Rodger Young Park in Fremont Ohio to create this beautiful picture!


My Grand Girls!

Tori Ariyanna Jessa Journie

My great granddaughters are lined up on the left from top to bottom are Tori, Jessa and Journie, the one on the top right is my granddaughter Ariyanna!


Crazy Grandpa!

Crazy Grandpa

Grandpa wearing his “Crazy Grandpa” sweat jacket standing by the Savannah River in Augusta Georgia!